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Security Doors hit the link
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Door web page
Window guard that
swings out
3 mounted window guards full art.  Art on these
were following the Spanish design of the house
Sun Gates front door area and
side gate,  both with stained
and distressed wood
Gazebo for the back yard.  Legs are about 8ft
tall and 8ft from leg to leg.  Over all about 12ft tall
and wide.  With grape vines growing up the
legs, across the sides and out the top.  Next on
the list is to add swings.
Drive way gates with dragon flys and
snails.  About 15 ft long with motor
This is after it was installed
in Pebble Beach, Ca.
This is a gate we created for
a customer that hears the
sea lions from their house,
in Pebble Beach.  Pix before
Our newest Cinderella /
Princess carriage.
Smaller and lighter
Ideas  in  Iron
These are new creations
Security front door.
This is for a 8 ft.
high door by 36"
Round tube steel hand rails
A Sliding Security Door
These were all done at the same house.     
Window guards and a Sliding Patio Security
Door.  These are custom designed that
followed a customers art drawings.
Baby shower tricycle Cake stand   
6 Cake Cinderella Carriage
Patio Sliding Security Doors
Garden frog gate
Copper and patina
Pool hand rails and gates
Rose vine hand rail
Security front door with
special mounting on foam
molding around the door
Security door
Rose vine entry gate
Scroll side gate
Scroll drive way gate